There Are Still Good People

Simple acts of kindness can dramatically impact a person.

We had our first snow here yesterday, and I left work after only a few hours because I was afraid of what my (albeit short) drive home would be like. A drive that usually takes me 15 minutes ended up taking me about 45 minutes. I ended up gently sliding through a turn and getting the front end of my car stuck in a small ditch and scraping a small sign pole. All is fine, but it scared me, and I had some flashbacks to a previous almost-accident. I had a near incident in college when my husband and I came very close to hitting a telephone pole because we slid through a stop on ice. I’ve been terrified to drive in the snow since.

So when I came to a halt, I started crying. Not because I was hurt, but because I was afraid. And because it felt like a nudge that I can’t adult. Trying to maintain my composure through my unreasonable anger, I called AAA, but it turned out it would be at least a 10 minutes wait to even talk to someone. With the rear of my car sticking out on the road, I was terrified someone else would slide through the turn like I did and hit me. And this whole time I’m tearful, just muttering “please, God, let me get home.”

And then a truck stopped by me, and the driver got out and approached my car. He offered to pull me out of the ditch.

I thanked him over and over, telling him how sincerely thankful this act was. I think I may have embarrassed him, but he couldn’t possibly know how much that small act affected me. I got back in my car, cried for a second, and began driving (very slowly) home, thanking God the entire way.

This interaction reminded me how important small acts of kindness are, and it compels me to do more of my own. And it showed me there are still good people out there. So I am thankful for small acts of kindness.

An action that seems small to you may have a huge meaning to someone else, so never think that there isn’t anything you can do to help. Sometimes all someone needs is a little tug out of the ditch.

What small act of kindness will you do?