I was doing well. Then I had an episode.

I’d been trying to ignore an oncoming episode for a few days, which is something I should know by now that I shouldn’t do. By the end of that day, I was on the floor of my room in tears, Belle trying to console me with kisses and leaning on me. She knew the moment I walked in the door.

As I recovered–washed my face, did my bedtime routine–I realized I had allowed life to get in the way of spending alone time with God. I’ve been waking up every morning to exercise, but in my groggy state, I haven’t been thanking Him for giving me the ability to workout. I haven’t been spending time with Him in the middle of the day or in the evening. I haven’t allowed myself real rest. Not sleep, but the rest that is found in Christ.

This is what happens when we don’t give our souls rest.

We need to take time out of our day to spend with the Lord. When we feel weakest, He can provide the strength we seek. When we feel mentally, emotionally, spiritually exhausted, He can provide the rest we so desperately need.

What does this look like? It looks different for everyone. But it’s something we all need.

I’ve struggled with the idea of rest for a long time. I thought if I rested in any way, it was just laziness and I wasn’t being a productive member of society. Ya know what I mean? Do you struggle with that? But God actually tells us to rest.

The next time you’re feeling on the edge of a breakdown, ask yourself how much time you have spent with the Lord recently. If you’re like me and you’ve been going on stop, you may not have allowed yourself an opportunity to breathe. Your spirit may be exhausted and need rest.

So, I’m taking advice. How do we set aside time to rest our spirits? What do you do to rest in His presence?