A Reminder

I had the joy again this year of spending Christmas in Disney World. Christmas at Disney is truly magical. There’s just a feeling in the air of happiness and wonder. And every park does something for the holidays.

We spent the 26th in Epcot, where they were doing the Festival of the Holidays. Each country has holiday-specific food and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and holiday-themed shows. We participated in the Cookie Stroll (select countries have a holiday-themed cookie, and when you complete it, you get a free cookie and milk), and in one of the countries, we had the pleasure to hear some music and history of Hanukkah. I had tears by the end of it.

First, I have a thing for music, and the person doing the show played some of the songs on the violin. It was beautiful. But what got me is that I was reminded that it is a celebration of a miracle.

In celebrating Christmas, I celebrate the miracle of our Savior being born. But the show about Hanukkah reminded me to be physically and mentally present in the celebration. And it reminded me that we should always be celebrating the work God has done in our lives, no matter when He did it.

. . . . . .

What work has the Lord done in your life that you need to remind yourself to give thanks for?

What has God done that you are celebrating?