Do you ever have moments you feel mediocre? I think we all walk through like feeling mediocre at one point or another. But one of the biggest places I’ve felt that way is in my faith.

I’ve always looked to people who I felt exemplified what it looks like to be a Christian and thought I wish I believed like that; I wish I could be like them. The truth is that God tells us that “faith as small as a mustard seed” is still faith and still holds power. And the people I look to, their faith started small too. What made it grow is the mediocre. Specifically, leaning into the Lord in the middle of the mediocre.

What makes our faith grow is leaning into God in the middle of the mediocre.

I know it’s something I struggle with daily. How do I involve God in the mediocre, the most boring, the most human part of my days? I’ve always felt this pressure that prayer had to be done in a certain way, at a certain place, and that certain things had to be said. But no where in the Bible does God tell us that. Yes, we should go to our private place to pray, but we should also be in conversation with Him throughout our day.

And that’s one of my faith goals this year: integrate God into those moments I feel are most mediocre. But how? I’m going to start by simply saying “thank you” every morning and sending up a small prayer when my heart races.

How do you integrate God into the mediocre? Do you have any faith goals this year?