It’s Just Part of My Job

Due to some departmental changes at my job, I volunteered to take on some additional responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is overseeing the selection of employee of the month and employee of the quarter. Today was my first time actually doing that.

Once the selection was completed, I had the privilege of informing the selected individuals of the “next steps” in the process, as they get an reward for their hard work and dedication. Having never done this before, I was a little nervous. Am I even credible to do this? How are they going to react? How should I react?

I informed the person who received employee of the month of their recognition, and as soon as I said the words, they said “Wait, really?” in an excited, almost disbelieving voice. As I was telling them, one of their coworkers, who had been a part of the selection meeting, walked by and gave them a thumbs up and a smile. As I finished letting this person know what was going to happen next (photo, etc) they seemed so happy and keen to have this honor. It really made my afternoon, and I walked away from the interaction smiling.

I know that choosing and celebrating an employee of the month and employee of the quarter is important for work moral. Not only does it celebrate hard work, but it also reaffirms those selected that they are recognized. It also gives others a goal to work toward. This showed me that employees are truly thankful for these types of procedures. It reminded me that even the smallest of interactions can have a positive impact on someone’s day.

Everyone wants to be noticed for their hard work. So say “hi” to someone. Smile. Tell someone you appreciate them. It doesn’t go unnoticed.