Why Start There?

One of the questions that was asked at my small group last night, and which is very fitting to my personal study right now, was: why is the book of Luke is the book most people navigate to when they begin to study the nativity or the story of Jesus? So that is where I wanted to start: why I’ve chosen to follow the story of Jesus through Luke.

The Bible I own is a New Spirit Filled Life Bible. It was gifted to me by a friend in ministry when I was in college, when I chose to actually declare my faith. If you’re not familiar with this type of Bible, let me explain why I like it. Each book has an introduction that includes the history, proposed authorship, context, connection to Christ, and personal application that can be found in that book. Then, there are a multitude of footnotes and Word Wealth boxes that help you navigate and analyze the text further. As someone who spent years studying words and texts, I appreciate this on a deep level.

Luke 1:3 explains that his aim is to “write…an orderly account” of Jesus’ life. For someone like me who likes chronological explanations, this is a hug contributing factor to using this book. But the introduction to Luke states that “Luke stresses the fact that Jesus is not merely the Jewish Deliverer, but the Savior of the entire world.” In other words Luke writes for the gentiles, the rest of us.

This time of year is the also the time most of us want to feel closer to and see the Lord. And the introduction to the book of Luke states that “no one who reads this book should feel he [or she] is beyond the reach of the gospel of salvation.”

I pray that as we begin reading, we remember that: we are never beyond the reach of Jesus.

. . . . . .

What faithful reminder do you need this season?

Have you read Luke before? What were your thoughts?

What is your “go-to” book in the Bible when you want to refresh yourself?